Male Cosmetic Surgery

Men can be just as self-conscious about their looks as women and increasingly feel pressured to look good so, as a result, male cosmetic surgery procedures are on the rise in UK.

We offer a wide range of male cosmetic surgery procedures and Mr Tariq Ahmad combines surgical excellence with a clear understanding of the male aesthetic to ensure that the results are everything you are hoping for.

We can reverse the signs of ageing that confront you when look in the mirror or enhance your physique with a number of body contouring procedures. Rhinoplasty is one of the most popularly requested male cosmetic surgery procedures and Mr Tariq Ahmad is one of the leading rhinoplasty surgeons in the UK, able to improve both form and function.

Popular Procedures

Here’s what our male patients say

“The consultant dermatologist at the hospital said ‘if I wanted to see someone, it would be him’ – says it all! My experiences have been extremely positive. I am happy with the results so far however I am looking forward to future treatments to further improve my acne scars. Mr Ahmad has changed my life! I no longer avoid mirrors and eye contact. I wouldn’t trust anybody else!”

Mark, Cambridge, Dermabrasion for Facial Acne Scarring

“I would like to say I am more than happy with the work you carried out on my behalf. It has been a pleasure to meet you as you are a fine surgeon. If I need your services in future I hope that I can call upon you.”

David, Peterborough, Facelift

“Friendly, calm. professional. Any concerns I might have had went away from first consultation. A simple ( I think) surgery, competently handled.”

Mark, Cambridge, Cyst Removal

“Before the operation I was very apprehensive about the outcome, but after seeing the result I was very satisfied; the procedure had exceeded my expectations.”

David, Cambridge, Rhinoplasty

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