Cosmetic surgery is all about regaining your confidence by improving the way you look. Many men and women investigate cosmetic surgery if they are dissatisfied with their appearance, but it has to be the right procedure, at the right time, performed by the right practitioner, or the negative impact may leave you feeling worse about yourself than you did before. If you are planning to undergo Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge, then there are many important choices you must make. The first thing you should do is your research. Personal recommendation from friends and family or advice from your GP is best, but in the absence of this, the internet can be a valuable resource. Doing your research will help you to make the right choice for you. The amount of information on the internet can sometimes seem overwhelming, which is why a consultation is so important. Concentrate on researching experienced and qualified consultant plastic surgeons who are local to the Cambridge area.

The right place to undergo Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge

The most important decision you will make is your choice of Cambridge plastic surgeon. Look for a surgeon who is consultant-level in the NHS and has had many years’ experience in offering plastic surgery. Also check if they are a member of independent plastic surgery association such as BAAPS and BAPRAS. Mr Tariq Ahmad is a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at the NHS Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge and is a member of a wide range of associations including BAAPS and BAPRAS. He is an excellent surgeon that is highly experienced and qualified. During your consultation he will help to guide you to decide on the best surgical procedure to enhance your looks.

The various cosmetic procedures that are performed

Making the right choice of cosmetic procedure is also important. There are several cosmetic procedures that are performed by Mr Tariq Ahmad. These range from facial reshaping procedures such as a cheek or chin implants, which are relatively simple procedures that can transform the face. Common anti-ageing facial surgeries he offers include eyelid surgery, brow lifts and facelifts. There are also other kinds of Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge that are performed by this well known cosmetic surgeon. There are some specific surgeries for men or women and they are all undertaken at the top private hospitals in the Cambridge area that Mr Tariq Ahmad operates at. So, if you would like to undergo Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge, you should definitely include Mr Tariq Ahmad in your research.