Why you should consider Cosmetic Surgery Cambridge

When you are considering a cosmetic surgery procedure in the Cambridge area, you will likely find your cosmetic surgeon through a number of different routes. Recommendations from friends and family are invaluable, but often you find people may be reluctant to talk about having undergone cosmetic surgery, however successful it was.

Your GP can also be a great source of advice and help and you should always discuss your thoughts with them as they are aware of any pre-existing medical conditions that may need to be taken into account when planning your procedure.

Nowadays, the internet has become a powerful tool when researching cosmetic surgery and you'll see a number of different options available in the Cambridge area, but how do you decide which is best for you.

Your choice of Cambridge cosmetic surgeon is important

As well as the necessary qualifications and experience, you have to find a cosmetic surgeon that you can communicate with and build a rapport with. It will become obvious during the consultation, whether your surgeon is someone you can trust to make your wishes and desires into reality.

Another advantage of a plastic surgeon such as Mr Tariq Ahmad is that he is able to offer a full range of surgical and non-surgical procedures aimed at the face and body. He is therefore able to advise you on which procedure will best benefit you and fulfil your expectations from surgery.

Other Advantages of Cosmetic Surgery Cambridge

Mr Tariq Ahmad only performs at the top private hospitals in the Cambridge area, which have very high standards of safety and patient care, so you can be assured that you are in very good times. Mr Tariq Ahmad and his Cosmetic Surgery Cambridge medical team are highly experienced and qualified and have performed many hundreds of procedures over the years.

The private hospitals that Mr Ahmad operates from include two in Cambridge and one in Peterborough.

Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge is accessible to all

Traditionally, cosmetic surgery has been perceived as something that only the very rich or famous would do. However, now cosmetic surgery to enhance or alter something that potentially has always caused embarrassment or distress is now a realistic option for everyone.

People are now also willing to make that investment in cosmetic surgery. The difficult economic times that we have experienced recently has not put people off having plastic surgery. In fact, it has had the opposite effect, as competition in the workplace becomes more and more tough. Cambridge-based cosmetic surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad has seen a rise in male and female patients seeking cosmetic surgery procedures that they feel will improve their chances in the job market. These particularly seem to focus on anti-ageing and body contouring procedures.

Payment options available too

There are a lot of different kind of payment options that are available to people who would like to undergo Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge. Some hospitals offer treatments where the patient can pay the total cost in parts.

The different private hospitals in the Cambridge area that Mr Tariq Ahmad operates from also offer loans to patients seeking cosmetic surgery and that can be discussed at your consultation.

Insurance cover for Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge

The majority of cosmetic surgery procedures are deemed elective whereby the patient opts to undergo the surgery and, therefore, the operation and any related expenditure is not covered by a patient's health insurance. Even if a person has an existing health insurance policy, it does not cover the Cosmetic Surgery. All these are important facts that need to be kept in mind by any person who wants to undergo Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge.

Don't cut costs

By searching the internet or looking at adverts in the back of magazines, you will often find cosmetic surgery companies offering procedures at prices that seem incredibly reasonable. However, it is crucial that you never cut costs when considering what is potentially a life-changing procedure. A plastic surgeon such as Mr Tariq Ahmad has undergone many years' training and practice to become highly skilled and experienced and this is reflected in the cost of Cosmetic Surgery Cambridge.

Will it be possible to know if a person has undergone Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge?

One of the common fears that hold people back from having cosmetic surgery is a worry that others will be able to tell that they've had a procedure. Mr Tariq Ahmad sees many men and women for consultations at his Cosmetic Surgery practice in Cambridge, who have spent many years of distress and unhappiness because of a perceived fault, but they have been held back by this fear.

The mark of a good plastic surgeon is their ability to create a beautiful enhancement that, above all, looks natural. That is certainly the philosophy of a surgeon such as Mr Tariq Ahmad who offers the full range of cosmetic surgery procedures for the face and body from his private plastic surgery practice in Cambridge.

Will the scarring be obvious after Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge?

Patients are often worried that Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge will leave very obvious scarring. The best plastic surgeons will be able to hide the scars as much as possible and when they heal fully they should not be noticeable. They will also be able to give you invaluable advice on the post-operative recovery period and how best to optimise the results of the surgery.

Only your closest friends and family will know that you've had plastic surgery. People who know you less well, will more than likely you've lost weight, been on holiday or caught up on sleep.

Where should you undergo cosmetic surgery?

In the Cambridge area, you should look for an experienced and highly qualified plastic surgeon such as Mr Tariq Ahmad who is able to perform a wide range of procedures that enhance the face and body. It is important that they fully understand your desire for a natural, refreshed look and you can assess this by the rapport you have in the consultation and also by asking to see their before and afters of previous patients.

Common misconceptions about Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge

Although cosmetic surgery seems to have become an accepted aspect of modern life in the UK, there are still many misconceptions that abound. Mr Tariq Ahmad finds many patients arrive at their consultation with many of these mistaken ideas firmly entrenched.

It is partly for this reason, that Cambridge-based plastic surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad offers a full and thorough consultation; to ensure that the patient has had all their questions answered and he has cleared up any misconceptions before they make the decision to go ahead.

Are cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery one and the same?

A question that Mr Ahmad often encounters is what is the difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is one of the main surgeon specialities and plastic surgeons operate on the face and body, providing reconstructive work on victims of burns and trauma. Cosmetic surgery or aesthetic surgery refers to elective surgical procedures that aim to enhance and augment the face, body or breasts.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery then you should seek a plastic surgeon, such as Mr Tariq Ahmad, who is on the GMC specialist register for plastic surgery and are a consultant-level plastic surgeon within the NHS.

The title 'Cosmetic Surgeon' is not officially recognised, so if you are considering embarking on a procedure with a Cosmetic Surgeon, that they have the necessary training as well as the skills and techniques to carry out the procedure you are considering.

Botox freezes facial muscles is a common myth

Another common myth is that the Botox, which is used for cosmetic purposes, will freeze the muscles on the face. The truth is that the Botox is a toxin that causes temporary paralysis of the dynamic muscles. A plastic surgeon such as Mr Tariq Ahmad is highly experienced in aesthetic Botox treatments and can produce a beautiful and natural result and not the frozen face of media myth.

The uses of Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge

There are several uses of cosmetic surgery in Cambridge. The cosmetic surgery procedures offered by Cambridge plastic surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad are aimed at enhancing the face and body and can have a truly transforming effect on a patient's self esteem and confidence.

What are the common reasons for undergoing cosmetic surgery?

There are many reasons why you may be considering cosmetic surgery. There may be an aspect of your face or body that has always distressed or upset you and you feel that by altering this feature you will have greater self-confidence and self-esteem.

Often, though, men and women who have previously always been happy with their appearance see a gradual change over the years and they wish to correct this so they can return to their previous sense of well-being.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding can have a dramatic effect on a woman’s body, particularly focused on the breasts and abdomen. As a result, many women seek either a breast lift or tummy tuck to restore their body to their pre-baby state and Mr Tariq Ahmad is highly skilled in both these procedures and offers them at his Cambridge plastic surgery practice.

What are the different cosmetic surgery options?

There are as many different types of cosmetic surgery as there are parts of the body. The most common cosmetic surgery procedure worldwide is breast augmentation as women seek to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. Cambridge plastic surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad performs breast augmentations as well as the whole range of aesthetic surgery to the breast. This includes breast lifts, breast reductions or nipple correction.

How do you know which is the best cosmetic surgery procedure for me?

Cosmetic surgery can be an incredibly positive experience, but it has to be the best procedure for you. Mr Tariq Ahmad, who performs cosmetic surgery in both the NHS and private practice in the Cambridge area, has had many years’ experience in this type of surgery. This means that he is well qualified to listen to what your areas of concern are and what your expectations are, and then guide you to which cosmetic surgery Cambridge procedures will provide you with most optimal outcome.

If Mr Ahmad feels that your expectations from the surgery are realistic and you are fully aware of the potential risks of the procedure you’re planning to undergo, then you will be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery Cambridge.