Are you ready for a tummy tuck?

If you’re becoming increasingly despondent about your tummy bulge that just won’t budge then an abdominoplasty might be your next step. Patients presenting at Mr Tariq Ahmad’s Cambridge tummy tuck clinic list a variety of reasons for turning to cosmetic surgery for help including ‘people keep asking if I’m pregnant – but it’s years since I had a baby’ and ‘I lost all that weight but look at the stomach I’ve been left with’. For some people, the abdominal muscles do not knit back together after significant weight gain and subsequent loss, leaving a stubborn paunch and/or excess skin which detracts substantially from their slimmer, trimmer silhouette. A tummy tuck can recontour this irksome area, but it is not a decision that can be made lightly. Here are five questions to help you decide if it is the right course of action or you.

1. Have you reached your ideal weight?

A tummy tuck is not weight-loss surgery and the aesthetic results will be undermined by further fluctuations in weight. Lose the weight first, and then think about surgery.

2. Do you understand the potential side effects?

It is important to understand the risks and potential complications when undergoing surgery. Furthermore, an abdominoplasty requires a lengthy scar along the lower abdomen – are you comfortable with this?

3. Do you have realistic expectations?

Cambridge surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad believes it is essential that all tummy tuck patients understand the limitations of surgery and have mentally set themselves achievable goals. It's important that you both share the same vision of your tummy tuck results which is why the consultation is such an important stage of your journey.

4. Are you prepared to follow post-op guidelines?

After your surgery, you will be sent home with advice on aftercare including how best to look after your wound, which movements to avoid and how often to wear a compression garment. Following these guidelines will create the right conditions for an efficient healing process.

How to achieve natural-looking cosmetic surgery results

More and more people are viewing cosmetic surgery as a viable alternative to living with – and covering up – a part of their body that causes them embarrassment or despair. Whether it be augmenting breasts that have always been small, reshaping an abdomen ravaged by pregnancy, removing a long-hated bump on the nose or having a facelift to get rid of ageing jowls, cosmetic surgery candidates have one thing in common: they want their results to look beautiful and natural. We’ve all seen those celeb photos where the signs of having had ‘work done’ are all too evident – so how do you ensure that doesn’t become your story?

Choose your surgeon with care

Finding the right cosmetic surgeon is perhaps the most important task. To achieve natural-looking results you should ask several things of your surgeon. Firstly, that they are qualified and trained to the highest level. As a member of the prestigious professional body BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons), as Cambridge-based Mr Tariq Ahmad is, a surgeon will have demonstrated their skill, be up to date with the latest techniques, be committed to meeting the most stringent safety standards, and operate in only the best clinics.

Secondly, you will want to be convinced of their artistic eye and that this, combined with surgical skill, can produce beautiful, subtle enhancements that work in harmony with your features. And, finally, knowing your surgeon is giving you candid advice that manages both your expectations and is suited to your individual case will give you confidence in achieving the best results possible.

Take good care of yourself

When Mr Ahmad sends his cosmetic surgery patients home from one of the top Cambridge hospitals in which he operates, he gives them detailed aftercare instructions. By following these – particularly the advice to give yourself time – you give your body the best chance to heal fully, healthily and smoothly.