Is a rhinoplasty a risky procedure?

If there is a part of the body that irks you, it is often possible to disguise it with clothing or makeup. Not so the nose. For people who have a misshapen nose, the conspicuous nature of the irregularity can cause a great deal of distress and, over time, seriously compromise their self-esteem. In these cases, a rhinoplasty – or nose job – may be able to correct the deformity, restoring balance and symmetry to the face. However, just as its situation in the centre of the face makes its owner feel vulnerable, it can make them feel cautious about the consequences of trying to improve it. If you are considering a rhinoplasty, here are three steps to help you make a decision confidently.

1. Find a surgeon experienced in rhinoplasty.

The nose has an intricate anatomy, it is required to function effectively and is highly visible; a rhinoplasty is therefore a highly delicate procedure and best done with specialist training. Cambridge-based Mr Tariq Ahmad, a cosmetic surgeon with many years’ relevant experience and a member of the prestigious professional body BAAPS, has a specialism in rhinoplasty and trains other surgeons. He combines surgical skill with an artistic eye to produce very pleasing results.

2. Know what is involved – and what can go wrong.

Any kind of surgery involves an element of risk, but in order to evaluate the level of risk that exists, and how much you are willing to take, depends on you having all the facts to hand. It is advisable to research what is involved and the potential risks which you can then discuss with your rhinoplasty surgeon at the consultation.

3. Follow the rhinoplasty aftercare instructions.

After their surgery, Mr Ahmad’s Cambridge rhinoplasty patients are sent home with comprehensive aftercare instructions. By adhering to this advice, they give themselves the best chance of healing with the optimal aesthetic results.

Can I afford to have cosmetic surgery?

In the hands of a highly skilled surgeon, cosmetic surgery can produce beautiful and natural looking results – but deciding whether this is the right step for you requires a great deal of thought. There are many aspects to consider, and one significant factor is cost.

Should I shop around for cheaper cosmetic surgery?

It is certainly a good idea to research several providers, weighing up the qualifications, experience and testimonials of each one, but it is inadvisable to make any cosmetic surgery decision based on price. In his Cambridge cosmetic surgery clinic, Mr Tariq Ahmad is often asked why it is cheaper to have a procedure abroad; Mr Ahmad is happy to discuss the pros and cons of seeking treatment abroad, outlining differences in regulations, safety standards and entitlement to follow-up care – or what happens should something go wrong. The key point is that when you are putting your health and your looks in the hands of a surgeon and a clinic, you want to feel completely confident in their ability, their track record and that you the patient, rather than your wallet is at the centre of any decision. Be wary of making any commitments motivated by budget.

Do you have the full picture?

It is important that you know exactly what the costs of your cosmetic surgery are going to be and when you need to pay. This way, you can make an informed decision about whether it is indeed something you can – and want to – afford. You can feel confident that, as a member of the British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), Mr Tariq Ahmad is guided by both experience and professionalism; he gives each candidate for surgery a full breakdown of the costs, making certain that nothing hidden lurks. Furthermore, he ensures that each of his Cambridge patients feels confident in the decision they have made, and that they make it free from pressure to commit.

Will it be obvious I’ve had a boob job?

For many women who are considering having a breast augmentation, their bust will have been the source of self-consciousness for some time. It may be that they have always had very small breasts, or that the volume they enjoyed before having children is now somewhat depleted.

At Mr Tariq Ahmad’s Cambridge breast augmentation clinic, many women explain that they want to head down the cosmetic surgery route to give their confidence a boost; they do, however, worry that if everyone knows they’ve had a ‘boob job’, they’ll experience a whole new kind of self-consciousness.

Find an experienced surgeon

Breast augmentations are the most popular type of cosmetic surgery in the UK. In 2014 more than 8,600 women chose to have one. It is a relatively straightforward procedure and one that is offered by nearly every cosmetic surgery provider. That said, natural looking results are not a guaranteed result.

Check up on your surgeon’s experience and credentials before you proceed. If they are a member of a prestigious professional body such as BAAPS or BAPRAS then you can feel confident that their skills and training are up to the minute. What is their experience of breast augmentations? Ask to see before and after photos so that you can make your own judgement about their artistic eye and surgical skill.

Listen to your surgeon’s advice

Your surgeon will also want to produce attractive and natural looking results and their experience can guide you to the right implant choice for you. During your Cambridge breast augmentation consultation, Mr Tariq Ahmad will ask you about your motivations and expectations before conducting a physical examination. He will advise you against choosing implants that are too large for your frame, and will suggest the best implant shape and size and the most appropriate technique to achieve results that are both beautiful and discreet.

Should I worry about the safety of my breast augmentation?

When the shape or size of a woman’s breasts causes her displeasure, and even embarrassment, a breast augmentation can be transformative. The change can give confidence a much needed boost. For many women, this is the goal – yet standing in the way of taking this step are some niggling fears about its safety…

What could go wrong?

A principle concern is surgery itself. During your Cambridge breast augmentation consultation, Mr Tariq Ahmad will take your full medical history and conduct a physical examination to assess your fitness for surgery. There are certain factors that will increase the risk of something going wrong, such as a high BMI, a complex medical condition and having nicotine in your bloodstream.

All surgery carries an element of risk, and your surgeon will ensure you understand the potential complications before you embark. Risks particular to a breast augmentation include capsular contracture, where the surrounding tissue hardens and contracts, and rupture. Most patients ask for some reassurance about the latter, especially with 2010’s PIP implant scandal in mind. Mr Ahmad only uses implants of the highest quality that have been rigorously tried and tested. He discusses implant choice at length with every new patient, showing her the range of implants he uses, explaining why he recommends them.

Choose a surgeon you trust

When embarking on cosmetic surgery, you want to feel in safe hands. A surgeon who is a member of prestigious professional body such as BAAPS or BAPRAS will be committed to meeting the highest safety standards and to submitting an annual safety audit.

Furthermore, they can only operate in reputable clinics; Mr Ahmad performs breast augmentations in Cambridge’s top private hospitals, the Nuffield and the Spires, where he has medical support of the highest quality.

Finally, feeling you can trust your surgeon and their advice will allow you to proceed with your breast augmentation with confidence and certainty.