reasons for a breast augmentationHaving small breasts is, for many women, demoralising. Not only do they find that many styles of clothes are simply not for them, but they can feel acutely self-conscious about their slight bust. In some cases, this embarrassment negatively impacts on intimate relationships and can be a blow to self-esteem. Are breast implants the answer? When women present at Mr Tariq Ahmad’s Cambridge breast augmentation clinic, they often express a desire for the end result – beautiful and natural-looking fuller breasts – but are uncertain about whether it really is the right choice for them. Here are three pointers to help the decision-making process.
  1. Know what is involved. Without understanding the details of the procedure, the potential risks and complications, and what the recovery period entails, you will not be able to make an informed decision. Do your research, and make the most of your Cambridge breast augmentation consultation by asking many questions.
  2. Understand why you are doing it. Mr Ahmad will ask you about your motivations for surgery, and what has been the catalyst for you exploring implants at this time. Ask yourself who you are doing it for, and think again if the answer is anyone but yourself.
  3. Have realistic expectations. A breast augmentation is a relatively straightforward procedure with predictable results and a high patient satisfaction rate. However, as Mr Ahmad explains to all his Cambridge patients, it is important to have realistic expectations of the procedure. While a breast augmentation can produce really very attractive results and do good things for a woman’s self-confidence, it will not set straight everything that is found wanting in her life. Patients who accept that cosmetic surgery has its limitations tend to be the happier after their surgery – and more able to enjoy the results.