preparing for breast augmentation consultationIn 2015, just fewer than 10,000 women had a breast augmentation in the UK. As a relatively straightforward procedure with high satisfaction rates, it is little wonder that year on year its popularity increases. If you are intending to have cosmetic surgery, you may be looking ahead to the procedure itself and then beyond that to enjoying the results. However, before you get to the day of surgery, you will have your breast augmentation consultation – an invaluable part not only of the planning of your surgery, but integral to the overall satisfaction and it is therefore worthwhile giving it some thought ahead of time.

Prepare your mind

The breast augmentation consultation has multiple purposes: to find out what you need to know, to assess your suitability for surgery, to tailor the surgery to your individual needs, and to make sure you have chosen the right surgeon for you. During your Cambridge breast augmentation consultation, Mr Tariq Ahmad will conduct a physical examination before discussing your motivations and expectations of surgery, questioning if they are realistic. Do some soul-searching in advance: what do you want to change? Are you sure you are doing this just for yourself? What do you expect to be different afterwards? He will also talk you through the procedure; if you have done your research beforehand, you will be able to absorb more information and will have had to time to think of questions you want answering, either about the surgery itself or your surgeon’s credentials and experience.

Prepare your body

If you intend to lose weight, do so before your surgery. Fluctuations in weight afterwards will compromise the aesthetic results so it’s advisable to get close to your ideal weight in time for your Cambridge breast augmentation consultation – and those who are fit and well make the speedier recovery after their surgery.