breast augmentation recoveryFor those women who have long felt their modest bust is a drain on their self-confidence, a breast augmentation can make some empowering improvements. Whether you have always had small breasts or if they have been diminished by childbearing or getting older, breast implants might be the way to harness the self esteem that seems to elude you. It is probable that once surgery is behind you, you will want to get out and enjoy this new energy – so what can you do to get back on your feet sooner?
  1. Be physically prepared. Breast augmentation is the most popular type of cosmetic surgery globally with upwards of 9,600 women having it in the UK in 2015 alone. As procedures go, it is relatively straightforward and one that Cambridge breast augmentation surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad has performed numerous times before. That said, it’s not standard procedure for your body – so don’t underestimate what you are asking of it. In the run up to your breast augmentation, treat your body like a temple: eat well, get active, cut out the bad stuff and avoid stress. Those who are fit and well tend to bounce back sooner after surgery. After your breast augmentation, follow the aftercare guidelines issued by your surgeon – especially the instructions to give yourself ample time to heal.
  2. Be mentally prepared. During your Cambridge breast augmentation consultation, Mr Tariq Ahmad will ask you about your objectives and your reasons for surgery. He will emphasise the importance of realistic expectations to a satisfied outcome.
  3. Be logistically prepared. You will need time and space to recuperate so clear your diary of work and social engagements. However, you will also need help: line up someone to help with your domestic commitments and make sure your home is well equipped for healing with healthy, nutritious supplies.