teardrop breast implantThe world of breast implants is ever evolving with advances in techniques, materials and shape continually being made. The options available to women are quite different now than even just a decade ago. When Mr Tariq Ahmad sees patients in his Cambridge breast augmentation clinic, they often say they have no idea which implant they would like – as long as it looks natural and gives them a better shape.

What are your breast augmentation priorities?

During your Cambridge breast augmentation consultation, Mr Ahmad will ask you about your motivations for surgery: what don’t you like about your breasts, what has triggered your decision to have implants, and what do you expect life after surgery to be like? Each woman is treated on an individual basis, with the breast augmentation tailored to her frame and her personal requirements; this will inform Mr Ahmad’s advice on implant placement (above or below the chest muscle), size, shape and material. However, the teardrop is frequently the choice of women who are a little older and are keen to regain the fuller bust of their younger, pre-baby self. It mimics the natural shape of the breast with the greater volume in the lower pole, and a gentle slope down to the nipple. These women like the teardrop implant for its natural look. The round implant is more suited to younger women for whom volume and a higher position on the chest is a greater priority.

Is the teardrop implant right for me?

Mr Ahmad will show you the range of implants and outline the differences, explaining the pros and cons and his preferences. He will also show you before and after photos of previous breast augmentations so that you can make your own judgement about the aesthetic result and which is most in line with your own objectives.