Top 4 concerns about cosmetic surgery in CambridgeIn 2015, the UK cosmetic surgery figures were an impressive 12.5% up on the previous year. That means that over 50,000 men and women took the decision to have a procedure – and every one of those will have gone through the process of asking if it was the right step for them. When patients present at Mr Tariq Ahmad’s Cambridge cosmetic surgery clinic, the majority will seek reassurance for at least one doubt. Here are four of the most frequently voiced concerns.

1. Will cosmetic surgery hurt?

Most procedures will be performed under general anaesthetic so you will be asleep throughout and those who have had cosmetic surgery report that they feel discomfort rather than pain during the recovery. You may experience some pain in the immediate aftermath of your operation, but this can be effectively managed by pain-killers.

2. What if something goes wrong?

It is important to know what can go wrong so do discuss risks with your surgeon beforehand – and make sure you have chosen your surgeon with care: by placing yourself in the hands of someone with significant skill you not only reduce the risk of something going wrong in the first place, but you can feel confident that experience will enable them to act quickly and effectively should a complication arise.

3. Will everyone know?

A talented cosmetic surgeon will produce natural looking, beautiful results. Be open to their candid feedback on what will work harmoniously with your frame and features.

4. Will I regret it?

If you have thought carefully and honestly in advance and have realistic expectations of the results, you are less likely to have any regrets over your cosmetic surgery. Mr Ahmad always discusses motivations, expectations and the limitations of surgery with his Cambridge patients at their initial consultation, believing that this is crucial to a satisfied outcome.