Discussing CoolSculpting benefits at the Natural History Museum

Last month, I was asked to speak about the CoolSculpting benefits at an event held in the prestigious surroundings of the Natural History Museum in London. Zeltiq, the manufacturers of CoolSculpting, had invited aesthetic practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds to learn more about the advantages that this fat reduction device can bring to their clinics and, in turn, the benefits for their patients.

coolsculpting-benefits-presentationPlastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors, dentists and nurses attended the evening event, held in the Earth Hall of the museum. It was a delightful contrast to talk about this truly innovative cryolipolysis technology, surrounded by artefacts that told the story of our planet’s origins, including six-metre long Sophie, the most intact Stegosaurus fossil ever found.

After cocktails and canapes, one of Zeltiq’s head honchos, Andy Vutam, introduced the evening’s events and told the story of how scientists stumbled upon the discovery that fat cells were particularly vulnerable to the application of cold.

Many years ago, two Harvard doctors decided to investigate further the peculiar phenomenon known as ‘popsicle panniculitis’ which was the appearance of dimples in children’s cheeks when they were sucking on frozen lollies. The doctors found that fat cells were more sensitive to cold than other body tissues such as skin, muscle or the nerves and eventually they found the precise temperature that destroyed the fat cell without damaging the surrounding tissue.

The process of cryolipolysis as it became known was then harnessed in the CoolSculpting device that was approved for fat reduction by the FDA in America in 2010. Research has proven that approximately 25% of fat cells can be reduced in one treatment, with follow-on treatments further reducing fat.

As a relative CoolSculpting newbie I was presenting my early experiences of offering this treatment to my patients and in building an aesthetic clinic from scratch. I was joined on the panel by a Dutch plastic surgeon Dr Farid Kazem who has been offering CoolSculpting for a number of years and now has 12 machines and four clinics, such is the demand. The feedback on both our speeches was very positive and I know many of my colleagues have now been inspired to offer CoolSculpting to their own patients.

If you’re interested to learn more about the CoolSculpting benefits, call 01223 214960 to book a consultation.

will my breast augmentation scars ruin the effect?

Will my breast augmentation scars ruin the effect?

will my breast augmentation scars ruin the effect?Breast augmentation scars are a concern for many who are considering the procedure.

For some women, feelings of self-consciousness about their breasts have been ever present since puberty: they started small and they stayed small. For others, the embarrassment comes later on in life, where breasts that were once full and pert have drooped pitifully.

In both these situations, a breast augmentation can produce beautiful and natural looking results – and do even more for a woman’s self-esteem. When considering if the procedure is the answer for them, many women naturally come to the question of scarring and if it could detract from the pleasing nature of their new shape?

What breast augmentation scars can I expect?

There are many variations on a breast augmentation, including whether the implant is placed above or beneath the muscle, which size implant, what the implant is made of, where the incisions will be, and so on.

Breast augmentation techniques are ever evolving with new and improved methods to create attractive results with fewer side effects. During your consultation with Cambridge cosmetic surgeon Mr Tariq Ahmad, you will talk through every aspect of your surgery.

After a physical assessment of your frame and a discussion about your objectives, highly experienced Mr Ahmad will tailor a surgical plan to your needs. He will explain where the incisions will be made and how these are done to heal as discreetly as possible, ensuring that breast augmentation scars are minimised.

Once they have had their consultation, most women feel reassured that the scars will be limited, discreet – and a small price to pay for the improved bust shape.

Find a skilled surgeon

There is an art – and a great deal of skill – in producing fine, barely discernable scars so take the time to choose a surgeon whose training is up to the minute and who has performed countless breast augmentations.

Cambridge-based Mr Ahmad will gladly share photos of previous patients’ procedures so you can have a clear idea of the degree of scarring you should expect.

Will I still look like me after my nose job?

Will I still look like me after my nose job?

Will I still look like me after my nose job?Living with a nose you dislike is so difficult because you can’t cover it up. For some people, their nose is the source of acute self-consciousness and they may have spent years dreaming of having a nose job.

An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon can make subtle, effective changes that smooth out the troublesome bumps, humps and irregularities.

Those considering a nose job are likely to feel certain that they will look better when those changes have been made, but a question often heard in Mr Tariq Ahmad’s Cambridge rhinoplasty clinic is: ‘will I still look like me?’

How do I know what to expect of my nose job results?

During your Cambridge rhinoplasty consultation, Mr Tariq Ahmad will talk you through the entire process, first asking what has brought you to the decision to have cosmetic surgery and what you are hoping will change after it.

He will discuss the potential risks and complications and detail what a rhinoplasty requires in terms of preparation and recovery. After an examination of your nose and facial structures, Mr Ahmad will give you a clear idea of what changes can be made to achieve your goals and how much difference surgery can make.

How can I ensure a happy outcome?

Any good surgeon will tell you that having realistic expectations will lead to a more satisfied outcome.

They will also tell you that after your nose job there follows a period of adjustment, where both your new nose shape settles into its final form, and where you become acquainted with the new reflection in the mirror.

Finally, place yourself and your looks in the hands of someone with great experience of this particular procedure as it is one of the more complex cosmetic surgeries – and a specialist will be able to make subtle changes that work in harmony with the rest of your face.

have I left it too late to have a breast enlargement??

Have I left it too late to have a breast enlargement?

have I left it too late to have a breast enlargement?As a general rule, age is not kind to a woman’s breasts. As the skin loses its elasticity, the breast is not supported in a high, pert position on the chest but tends to sag instead. Nipples point to the floor and volume is lost. Breast enlargement surgery can solve these problems, but as an older woman, many wonder: have they left it too late?

Mr Tariq Ahmad sees women of all ages in his Cambridge breast augmentation clinic; one question often asked by his older patients is: ‘aren’t breast augmentations really for young women?’ Feeling they should have taken action long ago, they wonder if they now just need to live with what they have.

What makes a good candidate for breast enlargement?

Every woman has a right to feel happy in her own skin, whatever her age – and women of all ages have breast enlargement. If you are in good health, you understand the risks involved, you have realistic expectations and if you still have a certain degree of stretch in your skin, you are likely to be a suitable candidate for surgery.

During your Cambridge breast enlargement consultation, Mr Ahmad will take your medical history and conduct a physical examination, assessing both your frame and your skin condition. He will then advise you on the best course of action to achieve your goals.

Will the results look natural?

It is more often of concern to Mr Ahmad’s older female patients that it not look like they have ‘had work done’. Mr Ahmad’s approach to all cosmetic surgery is that the results look beautiful and natural, and work in harmony with the body’s frame and features.

As a surgeon with many years’ experience, he has both surgical expertise as well as an artistic eye which enables him to produce breast enlargement results that look very much the best part of you.

4 reasons to improve your fitness for cosmetic surgery

4 reasons to get fit for cosmetic surgery

4 reasons to improve your fitness for cosmetic surgeryIt is not uncommon to hear cosmetic surgery candidates say, ‘after my procedure, I’m going to improve my fitness and take good care of myself.’

Maintaining a stable weight and making sensible lifestyles choices with regards to sun exposure, alcohol and nicotine are all good ways of preserving the aesthetic results of your cosmetic surgery – but there is an argument for adopting these even before your surgery. Here are 4 reasons not to put it off any longer.

1. The fitter you are, the easier your body will find surgery

Being in good health means that the risk of complication while under anaesthetic is reduced. During your Cambridge cosmetic surgery consultation, Mr Tariq Ahmad will take your full medical history as well as conducting a physical examination. When assessing your suitability for surgery, he will take your physical health into consideration. Medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes may be problematic, but so too can being overweight or smoking.

2. The fitter you are, the sooner you will recover

Those who are in good shape tend to bounce back quicker after their cosmetic surgery. Get active ahead of time to build up your endurance.

3. Fitness will help achieve longer lasting results

Mr Ahmad is frequently asked by his Cambridge patients how best they can preserve the results of their cosmetic surgery. One of the top answers is to maintain a stable weight as fluctuations undermine the work done to tighten and sculpt – so get fit ahead of the big day.

4. Fitness helps the whole picture

By embracing a healthy and fit lifestyle you reduce the impact of stress on your physical health. And by reducing consumption of alcohol, nicotine and unhealthy food, you remove some of those factors that can drag you down.

Cosmetic surgery can produce fabulous results but the process can, for some, be arduous; feeling mentally strong and full of vitality will help you enjoy the finished results sooner.