Last month, I was asked to speak about the CoolSculpting benefits at an event held in the prestigious surroundings of the Natural History Museum in London. Zeltiq, the manufacturers of CoolSculpting, had invited aesthetic practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds to learn more about the advantages that this fat reduction device can bring to their clinics and, in turn, the benefits for their patients. coolsculpting-benefits-presentationPlastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors, dentists and nurses attended the evening event, held in the Earth Hall of the museum. It was a delightful contrast to talk about this truly innovative cryolipolysis technology, surrounded by artefacts that told the story of our planet’s origins, including six-metre long Sophie, the most intact Stegosaurus fossil ever found. After cocktails and canapes, one of Zeltiq’s head honchos, Andy Vutam, introduced the evening’s events and told the story of how scientists stumbled upon the discovery that fat cells were particularly vulnerable to the application of cold. Many years ago, two Harvard doctors decided to investigate further the peculiar phenomenon known as ‘popsicle panniculitis’ which was the appearance of dimples in children’s cheeks when they were sucking on frozen lollies. The doctors found that fat cells were more sensitive to cold than other body tissues such as skin, muscle or the nerves and eventually they found the precise temperature that destroyed the fat cell without damaging the surrounding tissue. The process of cryolipolysis as it became known was then harnessed in the CoolSculpting device that was approved for fat reduction by the FDA in America in 2010. Research has proven that approximately 25% of fat cells can be reduced in one treatment, with follow-on treatments further reducing fat. As a relative CoolSculpting newbie I was presenting my early experiences of offering this treatment to my patients and in building an aesthetic clinic from scratch. I was joined on the panel by a Dutch plastic surgeon Dr Farid Kazem who has been offering CoolSculpting for a number of years and now has 12 machines and four clinics, such is the demand. The feedback on both our speeches was very positive and I know many of my colleagues have now been inspired to offer CoolSculpting to their own patients. If you’re interested to learn more about the CoolSculpting benefits, call 01223 214960 to book a consultation.