Will I still look like me after my nose job?

Will I still look like me after my nose job?

Will I still look like me after my nose job?Living with a nose you dislike is so difficult because you can’t cover it up. For some people, their nose is the source of acute self-consciousness and they may have spent years dreaming of having a nose job.

An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon can make subtle, effective changes that smooth out the troublesome bumps, humps and irregularities.

Those considering a nose job are likely to feel certain that they will look better when those changes have been made, but a question often heard in Mr Tariq Ahmad’s Cambridge rhinoplasty clinic is: ‘will I still look like me?’

How do I know what to expect of my nose job results?

During your Cambridge rhinoplasty consultation, Mr Tariq Ahmad will talk you through the entire process, first asking what has brought you to the decision to have cosmetic surgery and what you are hoping will change after it.

He will discuss the potential risks and complications and detail what a rhinoplasty requires in terms of preparation and recovery. After an examination of your nose and facial structures, Mr Ahmad will give you a clear idea of what changes can be made to achieve your goals and how much difference surgery can make.

How can I ensure a happy outcome?

Any good surgeon will tell you that having realistic expectations will lead to a more satisfied outcome.

They will also tell you that after your nose job there follows a period of adjustment, where both your new nose shape settles into its final form, and where you become acquainted with the new reflection in the mirror.

Finally, place yourself and your looks in the hands of someone with great experience of this particular procedure as it is one of the more complex cosmetic surgeries – and a specialist will be able to make subtle changes that work in harmony with the rest of your face.

have I left it too late to have a breast enlargement??

Have I left it too late to have a breast enlargement?

have I left it too late to have a breast enlargement?As a general rule, age is not kind to a woman’s breasts. As the skin loses its elasticity, the breast is not supported in a high, pert position on the chest but tends to sag instead. Nipples point to the floor and volume is lost. Breast enlargement surgery can solve these problems, but as an older woman, many wonder: have they left it too late?

Mr Tariq Ahmad sees women of all ages in his Cambridge breast augmentation clinic; one question often asked by his older patients is: ‘aren’t breast augmentations really for young women?’ Feeling they should have taken action long ago, they wonder if they now just need to live with what they have.

What makes a good candidate for breast enlargement?

Every woman has a right to feel happy in her own skin, whatever her age – and women of all ages have breast enlargement. If you are in good health, you understand the risks involved, you have realistic expectations and if you still have a certain degree of stretch in your skin, you are likely to be a suitable candidate for surgery.

During your Cambridge breast enlargement consultation, Mr Ahmad will take your medical history and conduct a physical examination, assessing both your frame and your skin condition. He will then advise you on the best course of action to achieve your goals.

Will the results look natural?

It is more often of concern to Mr Ahmad’s older female patients that it not look like they have ‘had work done’. Mr Ahmad’s approach to all cosmetic surgery is that the results look beautiful and natural, and work in harmony with the body’s frame and features.

As a surgeon with many years’ experience, he has both surgical expertise as well as an artistic eye which enables him to produce breast enlargement results that look very much the best part of you.

4 reasons to improve your fitness for cosmetic surgery

4 reasons to get fit for cosmetic surgery

4 reasons to improve your fitness for cosmetic surgeryIt is not uncommon to hear cosmetic surgery candidates say, ‘after my procedure, I’m going to improve my fitness and take good care of myself.’

Maintaining a stable weight and making sensible lifestyles choices with regards to sun exposure, alcohol and nicotine are all good ways of preserving the aesthetic results of your cosmetic surgery – but there is an argument for adopting these even before your surgery. Here are 4 reasons not to put it off any longer.

1. The fitter you are, the easier your body will find surgery

Being in good health means that the risk of complication while under anaesthetic is reduced. During your Cambridge cosmetic surgery consultation, Mr Tariq Ahmad will take your full medical history as well as conducting a physical examination. When assessing your suitability for surgery, he will take your physical health into consideration. Medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes may be problematic, but so too can being overweight or smoking.

2. The fitter you are, the sooner you will recover

Those who are in good shape tend to bounce back quicker after their cosmetic surgery. Get active ahead of time to build up your endurance.

3. Fitness will help achieve longer lasting results

Mr Ahmad is frequently asked by his Cambridge patients how best they can preserve the results of their cosmetic surgery. One of the top answers is to maintain a stable weight as fluctuations undermine the work done to tighten and sculpt – so get fit ahead of the big day.

4. Fitness helps the whole picture

By embracing a healthy and fit lifestyle you reduce the impact of stress on your physical health. And by reducing consumption of alcohol, nicotine and unhealthy food, you remove some of those factors that can drag you down.

Cosmetic surgery can produce fabulous results but the process can, for some, be arduous; feeling mentally strong and full of vitality will help you enjoy the finished results sooner.

Top 4 concerns about cosmetic surgery in Cambridge

Top 4 cosmetic surgery concerns

Top 4 concerns about cosmetic surgery in CambridgeIn 2015, the UK cosmetic surgery figures were an impressive 12.5% up on the previous year. That means that over 50,000 men and women took the decision to have a procedure – and every one of those will have gone through the process of asking if it was the right step for them.

When patients present at Mr Tariq Ahmad’s Cambridge cosmetic surgery clinic, the majority will seek reassurance for at least one doubt. Here are four of the most frequently voiced concerns.

1. Will cosmetic surgery hurt?

Most procedures will be performed under general anaesthetic so you will be asleep throughout and those who have had cosmetic surgery report that they feel discomfort rather than pain during the recovery. You may experience some pain in the immediate aftermath of your operation, but this can be effectively managed by pain-killers.

2. What if something goes wrong?

It is important to know what can go wrong so do discuss risks with your surgeon beforehand – and make sure you have chosen your surgeon with care: by placing yourself in the hands of someone with significant skill you not only reduce the risk of something going wrong in the first place, but you can feel confident that experience will enable them to act quickly and effectively should a complication arise.

3. Will everyone know?

A talented cosmetic surgeon will produce natural looking, beautiful results. Be open to their candid feedback on what will work harmoniously with your frame and features.

4. Will I regret it?

If you have thought carefully and honestly in advance and have realistic expectations of the results, you are less likely to have any regrets over your cosmetic surgery.

Mr Ahmad always discusses motivations, expectations and the limitations of surgery with his Cambridge patients at their initial consultation, believing that this is crucial to a satisfied outcome.

breast augmentation abroad?

Should I have my breast augmentation abroad of at home?

Should I have breast augmentation abroad?The increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery is reflected by the number of providers, both in the UK and abroad. Travelling abroad for treatment is not arduous logistically as it perhaps was before the Internet – information is readily available and there are many forums on which to share experiences about breast augmentation abroad.

So just what are the reasons to travel abroad for a breast augmentation – and what are the reasons to stay closer to home?

The benefits of having breast augmentation abroad

Visions of combining a breast augmentation with a spell in the sunshine are a key draw to choosing a foreign cosmetic surgery clinic.

Additionally, the prices offered by clinics abroad do, at first, appear to be competitive, but do make sure you have the full picture: are there hidden accommodation costs and who picks up the bill if something goes wrong on your return home from having breast augmentation abroad?

The benefits of a breast augmentation in the UK

While the breast augmentation procedure is the most popular of cosmetic surgeries globally and it is relatively straightforward with largely predictable results, undergoing surgery is no small deal for your body. Therefore, you want to know you are in the best hands, especially if complications arise.

The key benefit to choosing a clinic in the UK is that you can be confident that your surgeon and his team are not only highly qualified but highly regulated – BAAPS members such as Cambridge surgeon Mr Ahmad only operate in the best clinics and keep their training up to the minute; the disadvantage of being abroad is that it may not be as easy to navigate your way through an unfamiliar system of qualifications and regulations.

Furthermore, when you have a Cambridge breast augmentation consultation, you will meet Mr Tariq Ahmad at the very start; if you travel abroad, it is likely you will meet a UK rep at your initial consultation so miss the opportunity to run your own credentials check.

What is recovery like after rhinoplasty in Cambridge?

How much time out do I need after my rhinoplasty?

What is recovery like after rhinoplasty in Cambridge?When patients presenting at Mr Tariq Ahmad’s Cambridge rhinoplasty clinic ask what they can do to aid a swift recovery following surgery, he gives a clear schedule of recovery, offers advice on effective healing – and then emphasises the importance of giving yourself time to heal. So how long a journey should you expect it to be?

What is the immediate recovery like after a rhinoplasty?

Most rhinoplasty patients will take a fortnight off work to recover from the surgery itself and you should expect to feel groggy, tender and a little swollen in the first few days.

Mr Ahmad advises that you will be able to resume most normal activities after a week or two although you should avoid exercise for the initial six weeks post-op. It will, however, be many months more before the nose has settled into its new shape.

What occurs after the initial fortnight?

To the general public, you probably won’t look as though you have recently had a nose job – but, when you look in the mirror, you are likely to think it looks swollen or puffy for 3–4 months.

It is best to time your rhinoplasty for when you have no big social engagements on the horizon, thereby minimizing the stress about looking ‘right’ for the big event.

The swelling will persist for a while, especially in the tip and over an area from which a boney lump was removed; it is not uncommon for patients to worry that they have gained a permanent bump.

However, as Mr Ahmad explains to his Cambridge patients as they consider having a rhinoplasty, patience is required – and it can take many months to settle. The nose may even continue to make subtle improvements for up to 18 months.

Goop promotes CoolSculpting fat freezing

Gwyneth Paltrow gives CoolSculpting her seal of approval

Goop promotes CoolSculpting fat freezingDescribing it as "the device that started it all", CoolSculpting was one of the groundbreaking fat-zapping devices covered in Gywneth Paltrow's goop newsletter.

Goop is Gwyneth's weekly newsletter and website that rounds up fashion, fitness and beauty treatments and it prides itself on only choosing gold standard products to write about. The newsletter explained that CoolSculpting freezes areas of fat beneath the skin, leaving the top layer untouched. Explaining that it is the device that all other technologies are compared with, the writers also pointed out that CoolSculpting is continually innovating and improving, shortening treatment times substantially.

Leading New York dermatologist Dr Anolik of the Laser and Skin Surgery Center reviewed all the fat reduction treatments available and commented: “For a flat stomach, or for love handles, you can really get substantial changes with CoolSculpting." He praised the recent improvements that allowed treatment of multiple sites at once. “Think of love handles, for instance. You used to have to do two separate treatments, each an hour long, and now you can do them both in 35 minutes.”

Regular goop contributor Dr Anolik also pointed out that these fat freezing treatments had allowed him to successfully tackle a problem area that has always been typically challenging to treat. “Almost two-thirds of the people I see are bothered by a double chin, and there was never any option for the. The response rate for CoolSculpting is pretty great for the double chin so far." Also compared to other procedures available, CoolSculpting entails less downtime and soreness.

Mr Tariq Ahmad is a leading plastic surgeon that perform the full range of body contouring procedures, such as a body lift, arm reduction or tummy tuck. He has been searching for many years for a minimally invasive fat reduction procedure that he could be confident offered safe, effective and predictable results for his patients and CoolSculpting finally delivers. For more information or to arrange a consultation at his Cambridge CoolSculpting clinic, call 01223 214960.

Cambridge Clear Beauty launch

Official launch of our new Cambridge aesthetic clinic

Cambridge Clear Beauty launchHere at Cosmetic Surgeon Cambridge, we're delighted to announce the launch of a new aesthetic clinic that will revolutionise non-surgical aesthetic treatments in Cambridge. Our medical director Mr Tariq Ahmad is a leading plastic surgeon, but is also keen to offer a bespoke, 360-degree service for his patients.

"Traditionally, plastic surgeons have been quite dismissive of non-surgical treatments. However, technological advances and product innovations now mean that minimally invasive procedures can deliver very safe and highly effective results for the right patient," explained Mr Ahmad.

"Patient choice is essential; rather than having to choose between plastic surgery or non-surgical intervention, patients should be offered the full range of procedures, so they know they'll be getting the very best treatment for them. Cambridge Clear Beauty offers a truly bespoke service to men and women in Cambridge wanting to see a clear difference in their appearance."

To celebrate the launch of Cambridge Clear Beauty, please join us on Wednesday 14th September between 5pm and 8pm for champagne, canapes and a chance to chat to Mr Ahmad and his team about the treatments they offer. We'd also like to offer you a free £50 voucher to be spent on an aesthetic treatment at Cambridge Clear Beauty.

Free parking is available at our clinic which is based at 3 Breaks House, Mill Court, Hinton Way in Cambridge (postcode: CB22 5AN).

Please call  Nikki on 01223 214960 or email nikki23.kerr@gmail.com for more information on our event.

Am I expecting too much of my breast augmentation?

Have breast augmentation for the right reasonsA breast augmentation can, in the right hands, produce attractive results, but to what extent it fulfils your expectations will depend on how realistic these are.

During a Cambridge breast augmentation consultation with Mr Tariq Ahmad, you will discuss your motivations, objectives and expectations; Mr Ahmad believes, as does any reputable surgeon, that a happy outcome is the more likely if the patient sets achievable goals in the first place.

So how can you feel sure your expectations and the realistic outcomes are aligned before the day of surgery?

Choose a breast augmentation surgeon you trust

As well as choosing someone who is trained to the highest degree and whose skills have been recognised by previous patients and by their peers, you need to find a surgeon with whom you enjoy a good rapport.

Will they be honest with you – or promise you the moon on a stick? Ask to see before-and-after photos of previous breast augmentations, particularly with patients who have a similar frame.

Mr Ahmad gives candid feedback to his Cambridge patients, advising them on how best to achieve their goals, and giving clear indications on what they can expect.

Ask yourself some difficult questions

The decision to have cosmetic surgery should never be taken lightly.

Before you make up your mind, do some soul-searching:

  • Do you understand what your reasons are for having a breast augmentation?
  • What changes are you hoping it will effect?
  • Do you know what is involved and the potential risks and complications?
  • Are you having a breast augmentation for yourself or to please someone else?

Thinking these matters through at the planning stage will help you to make a decision about breast augmentation with confidence, and to be realistic about what you can expect of the whole process and, importantly, the final aesthetic results.

teardrop breast implant

What are the benefits of the teardrop breast implant?

teardrop breast implantThe world of breast implants is ever evolving with advances in techniques, materials and shape continually being made. The options available to women are quite different now than even just a decade ago. When Mr Tariq Ahmad sees patients in his Cambridge breast augmentation clinic, they often say they have no idea which implant they would like – as long as it looks natural and gives them a better shape.

What are your breast augmentation priorities?

During your Cambridge breast augmentation consultation, Mr Ahmad will ask you about your motivations for surgery: what don’t you like about your breasts, what has triggered your decision to have implants, and what do you expect life after surgery to be like? Each woman is treated on an individual basis, with the breast augmentation tailored to her frame and her personal requirements; this will inform Mr Ahmad’s advice on implant placement (above or below the chest muscle), size, shape and material. However, the teardrop is frequently the choice of women who are a little older and are keen to regain the fuller bust of their younger, pre-baby self. It mimics the natural shape of the breast with the greater volume in the lower pole, and a gentle slope down to the nipple. These women like the teardrop implant for its natural look. The round implant is more suited to younger women for whom volume and a higher position on the chest is a greater priority.

Is the teardrop implant right for me?

Mr Ahmad will show you the range of implants and outline the differences, explaining the pros and cons and his preferences. He will also show you before and after photos of previous breast augmentations so that you can make your own judgement about the aesthetic result and which is most in line with your own objectives.