right time for cosmetic surgery

When is it the right time to think about cosmetic surgery?

right time for cosmetic surgeryEach year, more people are choosing to have cosmetic surgery. In 2015, the number of procedures performed in the UK topped 50,000 for the first time. However, the fact that more people are making the decision does not make it a lighter one for the individual concerned. ‘I’ve been thinking about it for some time – why not now?’ is a sentiment often voiced at Mr Tariq Ahmad’s Cambridge cosmetic surgery clinic. Here are four questions to ask yourself if this is an avenue you are considering.

  1. Do you know what it involves? While cosmetic surgery can be, if you are in the right hands, a tremendously rewarding journey, it does require physical, emotional and financial commitment so it is important to know just what is involved in order to make an informed decision. First step: do your research.
  2. Is your life free of turmoil? Avoid having surgery at a time of stress or upheaval, during a divorce or a house move, for example. Decisions made at these times are less confident ones; furthermore, you will need all your strength to heal so do your body a favour and wait until calm is restored.
  3. Are you physically fit and ready? The surest way to undermine the aesthetic results of your cosmetic surgery is to allow your weight to fluctuate significantly after the event. Get yourself in the best shape beforehand. Moreover, those patients who are fit and healthy cope better with surgery, are the sooner back on their feet, and are at lower risk of complications.
  4. Can you commit to the recovery time? Mr Ahmad sends his Cambridge patients home with comprehensive aftercare instructions after their cosmetic surgery. By following these to the letter, you allow your body to heal soundly and swiftly. If you cannot afford to take this time now, consider planning your surgery for a later date.

New Clinic opening

Great news, on 19th July we're going to be opening our own clinic.  We welcome all our clients and friends for a champagne evening.  Lets get lots of exctiting info in here.

Are my cosmetic surgery goals realistic?

More and more people are turning to cosmetic surgery. In 2015, the figures in the UK reached 50,000 for the first time. If you are considering having surgery, be it a rhinoplasty, a breast augmentation, a tummy tuck or a facelift, you most likely will have done some research

Learning from the greats

As part of the process of revalidation by the GMC, plastic surgeons are required to maintain their education and training with a view to improving standards in their medical practice, a process known as Continuing Professional Development. To that end, every year I attend lectures, training sessions and conferences in