Tummy Tuck

The stomach area is often seen as a problem area, as it can be difficult to tone up, particularly as you age. Women, in particular, can find this difficult as childbirth causes the abdominal muscles to stretch and separate so even very slim women find it impossible to regain the toned and taut abdomen they had pre-baby.

An abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure aimed at removing excess skin, small amounts of resistant fatty tissue and tightening up the abdominal muscles.

Suitable for men and women who are at or near their ideal body weight, a tummy tuck is not a suitable for procedure for those looking to lose large amounts of weight.

During your consultation for a tummy tuck, Mr Tariq Ahmad will take a comprehensive medical history and perform a thorough physical examination as there are a number of variations to a tummy tuck procedure and he has to identify which is most suitable for the individual patient. He will also assess whether you have realistic expectations from the procedure.

What happens during a tummy tuck procedure?

There are a number of variations to an abdominoplasty procedure. During a full tummy tuck, Mr Ahmad will make a long incision across the lower abdomen and then make another incision around the belly button to separate it from the surrounding skin. The skin and tissue are then lifted away from the abdominal wall so Mr Ahmad can tighten and stitch the abdominal muscles into place.

Then any fat deposits can be removed, excess skin eliminated and your belly button re-positioned, before the tightened skin is stitched into place. A partial abdominoplasty follows the same technique but only focuses on the area beneath the belly button. Mr Ahmad will also combine an abdominoplasty with liposuction if necessary.

Your stay in hospital is usually determined by the extent of the procedure undertaken. A tummy tuck is performed under general anaesthetic.

What is the recovery like after a tummy tuck?

Your recovery after a tummy tuck procedure is also influenced by how extensive your procedure was. There should be some swelling, bruising and discomfort immediately after your procedure and it can take a few weeks to resume normal activities after a tummy tuck. Mr Ahmad recommends you wear a specially designed compression garment after surgery for a few weeks to get the best result.

Although a tummy tuck does require a long scar, Mr Ahmad is skilled at producing as unnoticeable a scar as possible and there is no better option for transforming the appearance of the abdomen.

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