Consultations & Prices

Surgical Procedures

Mr Ahmad operates in three hospitals Fitzwilliam Peterborough, Cambridge Spire Lea and Cambridge Nuffield. The three hospitals may vary a little in price.

The following fees are given as a guide only and will be confirmed prior to commencement of treatment. The fees for the operations include hospital, surgical and anaesthetic fees for the duration of your stay. Any other fees will be discussed after your consultation.

Please note all of the below procedures will be carried out by our Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr T Ahmad.

Initial Consultation £180

Follow up fee £150

Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Brow lift £5200

Upper eyelift surgery – no brow lift £2900

Lower eyelid surgery £3850

Upper and lower eyelids together £5070

Facelift £7000

Face and neck lift £8500

Neck lift £5400

Neck liposuction (beneath the chin) £4270

Coleman fat injections £2790

Prominent ear correction £3300

Rhinoplasty £5200

Body Contouring Surgery

Abdominoplasty (mini/full +/- liposuction) £4600 – £10,000

Circumferential abdominoplasty (belt lipectomy) Please enquire

Liposuction (dependant on areas/amount £3195 -£6750

Excision of male breast tissue (Gynaecomastia) £4950

Genital Surgery

Labial Reduction (with/without vaginal tightening) £2850

Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation (dependant on implants and size) from £5100

Breast uplift from £6700

Breast reduction from £6700

Non-Surgical Procedures

Dermal Fillers (using Juvederm Ultra/Restylane)

Cambridge Clear Beauty Clinic: the fee for filler is

1ml –  £375

2ml – £550

3ml – £750

8-point face lift £1750

PRP Treatment £650 per treatment

Muscle Relaxing Injections (using Botox/Dysport/Vistabel)

Cambridge Clear Beauty Clinic: Botox is from

One area – £275

Two areas – £350

Three areas – £450

Mole Removal – Without Histology

0-3 moles £650

4-6 moles £900

7-10 moles £1350

Scar Revision

From £750

Chemical Peels

TCA Chemical peel whole face from £850, smaller areas can also be treated.

NeoStrata Glycolic Acid peels £200 per peel, full treatment can be up to 6 peels.

Thread lift

Eliance thread lift from £1000

Guide prices updated March 2017